Father's Day Gift Guide 2019: Sales on Specialty Coffee Gear

Your dad needs to step up his coffee game. I don’t know him, but I do know it’s true. My dad has a strong coffee game, but only because I started buying him specialty coffee gear.

So go ahead, get your dad something nice. He does a bunch of stuff for you, the least you could do is do this for him.

Here are some great sales this Father’s Day from some of my favourite specialty coffee brands!

Fellow Products

Fellow makes some of my absolute favourite coffee gear like the Stagg EKG+ electric kettle and the Atmos Vacuum Canister. Use coupon code BREWDADDY to save 15% off anything and everything.


Cafuné is your Canadian source for elegant brewing equipment. Stocking some of the most unique brewers on the market, you’re sure to find something here that you’ve never heard of before. For this Father’s Day, use coupon code ROKYOURDADBOD to save 15% on all ROK products for brewing that manual espresso at home.

Eight Ounce Coffee

Eight Ounce is basically your Canadian Coffee Superstore™. You need it? They’ve probably got it. They’re not running a specific Father’s Day promotion, but they do have an evergreen sale section on their site with a ton of great gear!

Transcend Coffee

If your dad already has a sweet brewing setup but needs some new coffee to brew, Transcend Coffee wants to hook him up. One of my favourite Canadian roasters, Transcend is running a contest on Instagram for a huge Father’s Day bundle. They’ve partnered with some great local brands to make sure that your dad will get the best gift of every dad if you win. Enter here to win!


Here are a handful of things that are on my bar that I use everyday to brew. Take advantage of these sweet sales and be sure to ship them Prime to get it by the big day!