Coffee Travel Kit ESSENTIALS

I’m on the go what feels like all the time, but there’s no reason to break routine and settle for less than great coffee. From the black sand beaches of Iceland to the dry lake beds of desert California, this travel kit ensures that I’m ready to brew anywhere, anytime. Here are my travel coffee essentials that you may already have in your kitchen, and how I use them on the road!

Travel Kit

The Brewer

The foundation of this kit is the Aeropress. I have a handful of brewers that are road worthy, but none that have proved to be more versatile than the Aeropress. It’s rugged and made of plastic, ready for just about any situation you could put it in. It’s versatility also translates to the types of drinks it’s capable of brewing. A hot and fresh cup for one? You got it. Iced for a hot day? You better believe it. A concentrate that can be diluted to split with your partner in tow? Absolutely. It’s also one of my smallest brewing devices which is great when you’re travelling with size restrictions, and you can even store things inside of it to maximize room. 

For bonus points, if you’re flying to your next destination take out your Aeropress at 30,000 feet, ask for some hot water, and join me in the #milehighaeropressclub.

Mile High

The Filter

Standard paper filters work fine for the Aeropress and store well in the lid, but the newest addition to my travel kit (and my new favourite filters!) are the Ameuus Aeropress Filters. They ship in this convenient little travel case that keeps them safe and secure in your luggage. To learn more about the Ameuus filters, click here to read my review.

The Scale

All beans are not made equal, and therefore each scoop is not equal. What I’m trying to say is that a tablespoon isn’t good enough for dosing on the road. Be a little extra and bring your scale along with you to ensure that you’re going to nail that recipe wherever you are. Although there are smaller (mind you much more expensive) scales out there, this Hario scale has been my travel companion for years.

The Grinder

Once you’ve dosed those beans it’s time to grind them, and that’s where the Porlex Mini really shines. If you have another hand grinder you can bring that along too, but my favourite part about the Porlex Mini is that it fits in the shaft of your Aeropress. I’m all about optimizing space, and these two are a match made in heaven.

The Water (don’t forget the water!)

Water quality often gets overlooked at home, so no wonder most wouldn’t think about it on the road. The tap water where you’re headed is likely composed of different minerals than what you’re brewing with at home, so to get some consistency you’ll want to bring your minerals with you. I use Third Wave Water exclusively at home, diluting one packet into 4 litres of distilled water. It’s just as easy to do on the road!

Have you ever travelled with your specialty coffee gear before? Let me know what your essentials are!