My Top 5 Coffee Related Instagram Accounts 2019

Most people rejoiced when Apple released their new screen time feature. Now you can monitor your time spent on your phone, see the breakdown on any specific app, and set goals to minimize the time you spend aimlessly scrolling or candy crushing. Me? I disabled it immediately. You see, I spend an incredible amount of time working from my phone, and a large portion of that time is spent on Instagram.

One of the world’s most beloved apps isn’t a vice for me though, it’s a vocation. I’m not spending my time watching memes or cat videos, instead I’m connecting with other creatives and professionals to craft educational content for the specialty coffee world. Instagram has actually done more to add to my life and my work than it has to take away from it, and I think that’s due to the people I choose to follow.

I figured you might need some more goodness in your feeds too, so here’s my top 5 coffee related Instagram accounts (in no particular order) I’m following right now! You won’t find too many personal highlight reels here, but instead accounts that are full of thoughtful imagery and meaningful interactions.

Jeff was one of my first follows in the specialty coffee world years ago, and his work has always been important to me. He’s not only a great photographer, but he’s one of the best storytellers I follow. Check out his blog at and be on the lookout for the release of his coffee table book!

Michael is one of my favourite photographers in the coffee world. His home brew bar will have you drooling, and his creamy bokeh usually follows suit!

An Ethiopian coffee from 49th was my first introduction to specialty coffee, so I owe them a lot. I’ve been following them ever since, and I’m proud as a Canadian of the work that they’re doing. What I love about their account is their emphasis on transparency, whether it’s releasing their annual Transparency Report, telling stories of farmers in the feed, or documenting their origin trips in stories.

Brian’s account is one I’ve been following for years, and it just keeps getting better. Just when I thought it was as good as it could be, he started posted about specialty chocolate, and now bourbon. Coffee, chocolate, and whisky? Yes please.

David Salinas is the mastermind behind Department of Brewology, a design-oriented brand devoted to the art & science of specialty coffee. His heart and mind towards specialty coffee shines through in all of his art, and you can’t afford to not follow this account.

I’d be naive to believe that I’m following all the best accounts in specialty coffee on Instagram, so I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments who your favourite follows are and how they’re inspiring you. After all, if we’re not using social media for community and conversation, we’re doing it wrong.