Ethiopia Guji | #todayimbrewing

Today I’m brewing a classic cup from the Guji region of Ethiopia. I’ll admit it - I’m a sucker for Ethiopians. It was a natural Ethiopian from 49th Parallel bursting of ripe blueberries that inspired my love for specialty coffee, and coffees from this country have been close to my heart ever since. Although I’ve intentionally broadened my palette for different flavour profiles of various terroir, the elevated lands of Ethiopia might always be my preference.


It was a welcome surprise to find this coffee in my mailbox, as it was my first opportunity to try an offering from Café Pista of Montreal, Canada. This cup is tremendously clean and overtly fruity, bursting with peach and orange. It boasts the classic body of a washed Ethiopian, reminiscent of the complimentary jasmine tea you’d enjoy at an Asian restaurant. 

This lot was sorted with meticulous care, as each blemished bean was removed by hand. I believe that attention to detail contributes directly to the excellence of this coffee, and it’s got me excited to taste more from Pista

Brewer: Hario V60
Water: 205° Third Wave Water
Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 20g:320g
Total Brew Time: 3:30

‣ 60g bloom, agitate with gentle swirl
‣ 65g pulse
‣ 65g pulse
‣ 65g pulse
‣ 65g pulse
‣ Swirl and serve