Guatemala Mataquescuintla | #todayimbrewing

I'm home from a great weekend competing at the Canadian Aeropress Championships (more on that a little later...) and it's so good to be back behind my bar. The Aeropress is taking a well deserved break, so today I’m brewing on the beloved Hario V60. 


Today it's the perfect kind of coffee for drinking first thing in the morning from Quietly Coffee. This isn’t the first, second, or even third coffee from the producers in Mataquescuintla that I’ve had this year, and that’s no coincidence. There’s a Canadian silver mining company called Tahoe that’s moving into the region, endangering the livelihood of many local farmers. Many socially conscious roasters like Luna, Bows & Arrows, Drumroaster, and others have intentionally sources coffees from Mataquescuintla this year as a way of supporting their peaceful resistance. 

You can read more about these farmers have been facing for the last few years here.

This washed Guatemalan that has a gentle acidity and bold sweetness. Have you ever had a strawberry, apple, rhubarb pie? That's what this reminds me of!

Brewer: Hario V60
Water: 205° Third Wave Water
Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 20g:320g
Grind Setting: 6M on Baratza Vario-W
Total Brew Time: 3:00

‣ 60g bloom, agitate with gentle swirl
‣ at 0:40s, 130g pour
‣ at 1:30, 130g pour, swirl brewer and tap on your vessel
‣ at 3:00, swirl your coffee to aerate, serve and enjoy!