Use Your Mug This Christmas

If you’ve got some time off this holiday season, you may just find yourself visiting your favourite coffee shop a few more times than you normally do. All these family dinners are definitely going to require a little more caffeine than usual, am I right?

Instead of using a disposable paper cup each time you grab a drink this holiday season, why not try bringing your own reusable mug? 

We’re Contributing To The Problem

It’s estimated that over 16 billion paper cups are used and disposed of every year. Even if some of them are recyclable or compostable, almost every single one finds its way into a landfill. Not only is our coffee habit contributing to more trash in our landfills, it also requires a tremendous amount of resources to make those cups in the first place!

To manufacture those 16 billion cups, it requires over 6 million trees, 4 billion gallons of water, and enough energy to power 54,000 homes.

Coffee is a natural and consumable resource, but we don’t need to be depleting other resources to enjoy our drinks.

KeepCup in the car and on the go!

KeepCup in the car and on the go!

Less Trash and More Cash

The 20oz YETI is my office companion.

The 20oz YETI is my office companion.

Consider bringing your reusable mug with you this holiday season to save the earth and even save some money on your drink! Most shops will offer a discount if you bring your own mug.

If you don’t have one yet, ask for one in your stocking or use some of that Christmas cash to get one! 

My favourite stainless steel mug it this YETI. It’ll keep your drink hot (or cold!) for longer than you can imagine.

My favourite glass (and barista recommended!) option is this KeepCup. It’s the perfect size and style for a latte on the go.

What’s your favourite reusable mug? Let me know in the comments!