Costa Rica Sumava | #todayimbrewing


Today I’m brewing an interesting coffee from Costa Rica roasted by Rosso Coffee Roasters of Calgary, Alberta. What makes this coffee unique is the process - in this case it’s an anaerobic honey process. In this method, the coffee beans are restricted from oxygen during fermentation stage to allow lactic bacteria to have its way with the fruit. The result is a cup with a truly unique body and mouthfeel.

In this cup are subtle flavours of nuts with moderate acidity, but the texture is what truly shines. Creamy would be an understatement, as this coffee almost feels like a glass of whole milk.

I’ve had a handful of lactic fermented coffees, and they’ve yet to disappoint!

Brewer: Kalita Wave
Water: 202° Third Wave Water
Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 20g:320g
Total Brew Time: 3:15

‣ 60g bloom
‣ 60g pulse
‣ 60g pulse
‣ 60g pulse
‣ 80g pulse
‣ Swirl and serve

What are you brewing today? Let me know!